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Harry Potter's Diary
November 2004
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004 03:38 pm

01 January

I've always wondered just how Dumbledore could run both the Order as well as Hogwarts at the same time. It amazed me when he would calmly go through the meetings with the Order and then suddenly switch gears to tell McGonagall what they had to do up at the school when they got back. Dumbledore was the voice of reason when everyone else was in a panic or state of shock.

Yeah, I've always wondered just how the old man did it, and now I know why.

Those damn lemon candies are laced with a calming draught.

Now I want to know where I can get some.

Minister Bones invited me to lunch today, to discuss new directives she would like each department to follow.

As if I could get any person under me to follow the directives.

First, there's Tonks, who will always be the worst person to send on any mission that requires absolute stealth. The girl can infiltrate, but she cannot be silent. I've known, from the time she graduated to full-time Auror status, that she would be one of the best Aurors this country has ever had.

Then there's Harry. That young man is a genius when it comes to figuring clues out, even if his logic is a nightmare to follow. He's also personable enough to charm anyone who's never seen him naked to do pretty much anything he wants. Sadly, I've seen him naked - but not really sad. He is certainly what one would call a fine male specimen, but whenever he's showing off his birthday suit, he's also had at least one drink. Okay, it's more like five and it was only the once, but did it have to be the office holiday party? I do have to admit that he is quite the amusing drunk.

Anyway, back to the directives. Madam Bones wants me to implement new forms to the department to keep better track of my employees. As if it's easy right now. I was tempted to tell her where to shove the damn things, but it's a long time until I retire. If there's one thing about the Ministry, is that it has a damn good pension plan for its employees.

Maybe that's why Fudge didn't want to step down. Heh.

You know, when Hermione gave me this journal, I thought of all the things I could do with it. I could have used it just to rant about work, but I have the feeling it would get away from me and I can't afford to have something like that to get into the hands of the wrong people. Namely my boss. Then I thought that I could use it as a 'friend' journal. But that brought up horrendous dates after disasterous dates.

I'm not Bridget Jones, but I certainly have a hard time with my love life like she does.

Not that I read stuff like that. Maybe. Okay, I can confess to myself: the ladies certainly like that kind of thing, so I thought it would be good to read.

Okay, now I can declare my love life non-existant if I'm comparing it to a novel, and a muggle one at that. I'd swear I live at work if I didn't have a flat to come home to.

I think I've decided what this journal will be for: it will be a diary of how I will turn my social life around, breathing some freshness into it. I'll set my goals down and work my way to a healthy and active dating life.

First, I think that I'll ask Tonks about clothing. I've seen what Hermione thinks is fashionable, and a fashion guru she is not. Even I, who had not been clothes shopping for ten years, knows that she pays more attention to her books than what she puts on in the morning to come to work.

Yes, that is just what I'll do.

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Monday, October 25th, 2004 03:13 pm

1st January 2004

Dear Diary,

For Christmas this year the delightful Miss Granger gave me you, a diary. Bless her.
Though my recovery from that incident (so many years ago now) is coming along smoothly there are moments that are still such a blur. Thankfully I have my loyal fans. They have been such a blessing in my time of need.

But of course they have, what am I thinking?! Who wouldn't want to cater to my every whim?

Though their number has been disturbingly few of late, I still have a core fan base. They have stood by me these past years; when Witch Weekly got hold of those documents concerning the possibility of cosmetic surgery appointments I thought that was the end, but no. Letters of adoration poured in, even at a time when I did not know myself.

I am delighted to inform you that I believe young (not that much younger than I) Hermione Granger is among those who still recognise my stunning good looks and superior intellect!

She has given me this diary in the hopes that keeping a record of my life will enable me to remember more of it. Isn't that sweet?
Well, I do not intend to let her, or my other fans, down.

Hmm, perhaps I might use these entries to write the inevitable sequel to my autobiography, Magical Me. Of which there are still copies available I do believe. Dear me, that is hard to believe... just imagine how many reprintings there must have been!

Ah, now I'm afraid I must go. I feel terrible writing such a short entry, but my personal nurse (pretty little thing) has insisted I not over do it. Besides, no need to trouble these frail pages with too much of my beautiful cursive!

Well, here's to a Happy New Year!


Gilderoy Lockhart

(International celebrity and author, Order of Merlin 3rd class, Honorary Member of the Dark Force Defence League, Five-Time Winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile award, Former DADA Professor at Hogwarts... at least that's what they tell me! I'm certainly not going to argue!)


Monday, September 27th, 2004 09:23 am

The Diary of Luna Lovegood

Friday,2nd January.


A diary. It’s a good thing that I don’t have anything personal against journals, because I do write them. I find that reading things from the past – especially my own, to be vastly entertaining. But really, can’t Hermione think of any other presents … like stuff that has nothing to do with paper, reading or writing? I guess I should go ahead and say it – books. It’s not really a problem but that witch is mad. She even went as far as to get Snape one. And speaking of the greasy d. headmaster, I would pay Fred and George twenty Galleons if they could snitch his diary. Would be bloody amusing to know if the bas he wrote anything on it. Then again … considering that he is a bast who he is, I doubt the Twins would be able to get it without getting singed with multiple hexes. But I LOVE this diary. It’s personalized. Has my name engraved on the cover … which is fantastic! I think I’ll ask Mione where she happened to buy these, and get one myself when the pages of this diary are used up.


Anyway, I just got back from my shift. Work’s quite okay today, but the Unspeakable issue is still giving me a headache. Note to ‘accidental’ eyes: I will never write anything that’s related to work … personal crap yes, day-to-day’s happenings yes, but Unspeakable details no. I can rant inside my mind just as well as ranting in this book diary. Anyway, whoever comes across this would be either my dad or friends that I’ve invited over, because I will never take this book out of the house, unless I’m on vacation or something.

Oh, I received an anonymous gift this morning. It was on my desk - asked Hermione if it was her, but no. Checked it twice for hexes and such, but it came back clean. Wrecked the wrapped - which was a shame. It’s a jigsaw puzzle and it came together with a frame. I’m going to see if I could use a spell or something to trace the sender because whoever had sent it really deserved a ‘thank you’. Spent my entire break putting the pieces together. A Hebridean Black dragon resting by a lake and my name was scribbled on the bottom edge in GOLD ink. Couldn’t keep it at work - just too many notes stuck on surfaces, so I brought it home. Will find a suitable place later to display it.


Received an owl from Ginny during lunch hour … poor girl. Her mother’s still trying to get her to break off with Dean. Personal opinion: Her mother’s blind and too bloody … It is a hopeless problem … trivial really but still aggravating. Dean and Ginny are really in love – shouldn’t Mrs. Weasley be more than happy that at least someone’s treating her only daughter right? She should be thankful to Merlin and the gods watching them that Dean is NOT like Ron. Will not think about RON … the redhead is taking the word ‘debauchery’ to a bloody new level.

Back to Ginny – will be meeting her at her workplace after my shift tomorrow … so it’s a dinner-date. Have no idea if Dean’s joining us but won’t really mind. I think they need a willing listener … but will not give them any sort of advice. Ginny should tell her siblings … maybe Bill… too bad Charlie isn’t around to try to persuade their mother to forget about trying to pair daughter up with someone else.

And she can’t even pair Ginny up with someone right either. Harry’s gay - which I thought was so obvious. That’s one good thing about having big eyes - great for observation. Yup, I am rolling my eyes in sarcasm. Such a shame really, Harry’s a good-looking one. Why, why, why? The good-looking ones are either married, gay, or jerks.


Will someone tell me why I offered to help him find blue-skinned creatures??? Stupid, idiotic Luna! I thought he was going to write about Veelas or pixies! SMURF. What in the blazes are these creatures? The clues that I was able to glean out from father and other sources were that they are: blue in color, very small, they have white hats - or caps - whatever - and they live in Muggle TV.


I am so utterly embarrassed. I didn’t really know what to do or where to find Smurfs, so I paid Remus a visit yesterday and asked him if he could help me out. Why did I do that in the first place? It was quite awkward … I felt as though he was uncomfortable? Maybe he didn't really want to help? It doesn’t matter anyway since he told me during work that he is coming here with Sirius to help me with the hunt.

Oh. And Remus really looks tired. Full moon’s going to be out in five days. Maybe I should message him not to come today? Honestly, I am a little nervous being around him. Dad could be scary when he’s tired - hey, I’m the only person willing enough to hear him rant. What if Remus gets frustrated about not being able to find Smurfs and then snaps??? Fortunately, Sirius is coming too. He is not as scary as Remus, because he's open ... Remus's more quiet ... and quiet people makes me nervous. Note to self: Doesn't this remind me of myself?


I’m going to cook something for dinner - dad won’t be coming home to eat so I….

Why was I sorted into Ravenclaw when I CAN’T think LOGICALLY?

Smurfs + Muggles = HERMIONE!!!!! Or HARRY!!!!

I have to owl them now …
Damn…I think Sirius and Remus are outside. Already???

Feeling Silly! and Hungry! Luna

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004 05:01 pm
Bill Weasley's Journal

Thursday, 1 January 2004

Hermione gave out journals this year for Christmas (I'm wondering if she bought them from Dung, because these are really nice, and I can't believe Hermione could afford them all, of course, if she reads this she will most likely murder me.)

Anyway, my journal is a dark blue color, and it's got a wicked design of a pyramid on the front of it (the design is silver), and my name engraved in the bottom. I wouldn't consider myself a 'journal-writing' type person (like Hermione and Remus probably are), but I'm going to write in this just because I love the design on it.

Now, onto another topic altogether - Mum is insane.

First she tried - once again - to break Ginny up with Dean and stick her with Harry (does Mum know he's gay? I should probably let her know). She then asked the twins if they would prefer a double wedding with or a separate one (George looked sick, and Fred was stunned into silence). To top that off, she asked Ron how his new girlfriend was (shouldn't she be saying his latest fuck?), and she actually believed him when he went on and on about how his 'girlfriend' was! I'm still in shock that Ron can fool her like that - Mum almost always knew when I was lying (not that I ever lied as much as Charlie did, but still!)

So far the only ones she hasn't said anything to are Percy, Charlie, and I. Maybe she thinks we're lost causes since we're so old? Whatever her reason, I'm officially wary of any girls she decides to introduce me to.

Speaking of Mum, I wonder if Sirius will be by anytime soon! I can't wait to see how they duke it out - last time he was here Mum charmed a set of frying pans to chase him out. Today's my last day here, though - I go back to Hogwarts tomorrow evening - but I'm making sure to find out from Remus when Sirius comes, so I can be here. Actually, it's become something of a family event - everyone wants to be around to see them fight (Fred and George tried to sell tickets, but Mum made the frying pans chase them as well).

I don't know why they hate each other so much - although I think it may have to do with the way Molly treated Sirius when the Order was started back up. She wasn't very nice to him, I mean, I understand she considers Harry family and that she didn't want him hurt, but I agreed with Sirius - Harry shouldn't have been kept in the dark like that. Ron and Hermione I understood - it had nothing to do with them, but Harry needed to know.

I was going to go visit Remus, but I heard from Neville that Luna stopped by to ask him for help on something, so maybe I'll go see Hermione or something. Anything's better than listening to Mum bitch about Sirius.

(Why do people sign their name in these things? It's not like anyone else reads them, is it? I think it's rather stupid, so this is the only time I will be doing this.)

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004 11:58 am
Remus Lupin's Journal

Thursday, 1 January 2004

Current Reading: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Brilliant muggle series, must get Hermione to read it as there's no chance of Sirius and Harry doing so.)
Current Annoyance: Sirius.

Dear Journal,

I wanted to write here a week ago when I got this, but Sirius insisted I waited for the New Year - something about bad luck and having to start a journal on the first? I'm not really sure what he was talking about - he started talking about diaries and the next minute he was ranting about Molly Weasley. Anyway, getting back onto topic, normally I don't listen to Sirius unless it has to do with work, but he stole this and hide it.

I suppose I'm supposed to write about my day? I used to have journals when I was younger - my mother gave me one every year on my birthday, she told me it would make transforming easier if I had somewhere to write down how it feels physically and mentally, and I've found I agree with her - although I assume that if I only use this for recording my transformations Hermione will get rather angry (once she can see straight again, of course).

Speaking of hangovers, I must admit that being a werewolf does have it's advantages - granted, I can't sense things and I don't have super hearing (contrary to popular belief) but I can down large amounts of Alcohol without ill effect (thought I rarely drink at all). It comes in handy when one goes out with their friend and said friend gets so drunk that said friend starts hitting on their godson (though I highly doubt either one remembers it).

No, Sirius - if you ever get your paws on this, I am not speaking about you. Really, I'm not.

I'm not trying to be mean, but it was quite scary New Years Eve - I seriously doubt half of those who were at the party have awakened yet, and I highly doubt they will wake up soon.

Random Note to Self: Do not bring Sirius along when I stop to visit Molly on Sunday. Doing so could result in loss of limbs and loss of possible cookies - chocolate cookies.

Speaking of Molly, I heard she tried to hook Harry up with Ginny again - I'm not sure whether Molly is oblivious to the fact Harry is gay, or she's just ignoring it. Either way I know she's driving Harry, Ginny, and Dean mad.

Also speaking of Molly, she tried to hex Sirius the other day. She claimed he was putting...what was it? Ah, yes - impure thoughts into Ginny's head. I'm not exactly sure what he said (although, Sirius and Molly's feud is almost as famous as Severus and Sirius's feud - so it could be highly possible he actually didn't do anything wrong.)

Well, I had the oddest visitor earlier after Sirius left (he left mumbling something about going to visit Tonks and show off his new leather pants). Luna Lovegood stopped by ask me how I was doing, and she wanted to know if I wanted to go help her look for Smurfs. I have no idea what they are, and I ended up looking them up in my creature books. I couldn't find anything about them, and when I asked Luna about them she said they were muggle creatures (small and blue, if I remember correctly. Supposedly they live in a muggle telly - although why muggles would allow this I have no idea). I didn't want to be rude, so sometime this week I will be helping Luna search for Smurfs (although I'm entertaining the idea of forcing Sirius to tag along, as if he hadn't gone to visit Tonks he would also be going.)

Well, I really must be going. I have research to work on, and I think I'm going to try and find out more about Smurfs.


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Friday, September 24th, 2004 12:23 am

1 January, 2004

Dear Diary,

Current Book: Hogwarts: A History (yes, again…but it is a new edition!)

This is of course, Hermione. I shall be the only person ever writing in this—and hopefully the only person ever reading this. I can never be too sure with some of the boys that I keep company with.


I thought it would be rather brilliant if we all started these, so I bought some – and by we, I mean, of course, Harry, Ron, Draco, Padma, Luna, Remus, Sirius…well everyone I suppose. Perhaps I should check up on their progress? I wouldn't read it, of course! But I would just like to see that they are all writing something!

But honestly! A diary can be a very useful outlet. In fact, some of the people I gave these too may inadvertently find themselves sorting out some problems and areas of confusion.

Oh, I do hope Ron manages to sort out every single one of his problems. Honestly! The way he openly scoffed at me made me so angry. He can still be so insufferable. You would think this wasn't a gift! That I had held him at wand-point and forced him to spend his own money. Even Draco and Professor Snape were more polite.

However, I am not going to waste the pages of this new, crisp book on such inane ramblings about Ron's unbearable nature.

Or the fact that he has grown into a horrid womanizer. Or even about

Moving on, I must say it has been very stressful around work recently. I would very much like to talk about it, however, I am not sure if I can. I am an Unspeakable after all, and we aren't supposed to discuss our work with anyone. I know that technically, you aren't a person and only a book…but I still feel it would be wrong to transcribe my daily activities down on paper. After all, what if someone did manage to read my diary?

Which, I would like to add, would be a rather incredible feat after the amount of charms I have used. However, I suppose I can never be too careful. I will just leave the information at there is a problem which has been on my mind for a couple of weeks there. I do realise the Department often works on things for extended amounts of time, but, oh, it is frustrating!

I do have some personal news to report. I went out last night with Harry, Padma, Katie, Ron, and the Twins. It was an extremely good time…however, I also fear it was a bit of a mistake from my flat's perspective.

I swear I can't take Ron anywhere! As for Harry, well…Harry is always a gentleman. However, I worry sometimes at his drinking. I don't worry at his health of course, but…

Oh, last night he got a drink thrown back in his face! Really! I don't know what he said to that poor girl—although she was a bit, well…she looked a bit of a slag really. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that she was obviously insulted. I did feel bad for him though—he looked positively pitiful covered in that cherry mess. I know he is not a child, despite the fact I know that Ron will make those exact accusations towards me. In fact I am sure he would have last night if he wasn't off snogging another random girl. Sometimes I think he has absolutely no respect for women. There was this one time

I try, for myself, not to get smashed. I don't like not recalling things. I also don't like not being completely sharp. I will admit to getting slightly drunk…however, nowhere near the levels of the others.

All in all it was a good time though.

I really must be going. I still have some reading to catch up on.

Until next time!

Love from,



Thursday, September 23rd, 2004 09:12 pm

2 Jan, 7.30 am

Okay, so I forgot I had this until somebody had to remind me. Of course, it was Hermione that got it for me in the first place, but still.... I know she meant well, but I grew out of writing in a diary before the age of eight. I'll try it, though. Because I know that she'll ask. When her hangover is better.

Anyway, when I opened it up Christmas Day, Dad joked that I should use it to tally my "accidents." He changed his mind after I showed him the new and improved Bat Bogey hex. There is a reason why I'm an auror, after all.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day with the parents, because Mum was wondering just what I was up to. I mean, come on! I am a fully grown woman, who is more than capable of taking care of myself. So I'm a little accident prone. Bah. No one ever said that about Martha of Woodbury. She was also a metamorphmagus, as well as the defender of England in the tenth century against Viking wizards.

Sirius stopped by, showing off his new leather pants. He got this evil smirk on his face when Mum asked who he got them from. Well, I'll be sure to razz him about it later. Maybe next week, when his present fever has died down. Mum says that he's always been like that, because she bemoans the fact that I'm just like it as well. *grin*

Speaking of presents. Kingsley got all of the Senior Aurors cool presents this Christmas. Well, at least that's what I've heard. He got me something that even I'm too embarrassed what to write down. I can't wait to show him how it looks on me, though, even if I won't be able to control my blush.

If anyone is reading this, get your mind out of the gutter - it's not pervy.

And get your nose out of this diary, anyway!

Maybe I should hex it. Knowing me, I'll drop it somewhere and someone with a dirty mind will use it to blackmail me and make me do naughty things....

Oh. Kinky! Maybe I'll have to try that.

Drat. Time to go to work. At least I'll be amused, since my fellow aurors don't know the meaning of normal.

~Don't call me anything but "Tonks" or I'll have to hex something you prize more than anything else off (and I'm talking to you, Sirius)!

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Saturday, September 18th, 2004 05:11 pm

Thursday, 1 January 2004

Weight - 11st 5; Alcohol units - too many to remember (however is forgivable since includes several days of celebration and hard drinking); Calories - definitely not going there.

Hermione has graduated from those Homework Diary Christmas presents she gave Ron and I during our fifth year at Hogwarts. This year she gave everyone ... yes everyone ... a Diary. Ron, Sirius, Remus, Katie, Luna, Padma, Draco, Bill ... even Snape! That’s not all, I remember seeing Lockhart with a suspiciously book-shaped package the other day at the Ministry as well. Who the fuck knows why she decided on diaries? Perhaps she got some special bulk deal from Dung? Still, I’m not about to get onto the bad side of Hermione. Her PMS scares the shit out of me!

So here I am, writing in this Diary. Hermione had better appreciate this! I bet she’ll be checking up on us all.


Noon, London, Flat.

Head feels like a bloody hippogriff is dancing on it, wearing bloody stilettos. Stomach thankfully isn’t feeling quite so rebellious. Whoever could have guessed that the Dursleys’ feeding habits would have been so useful? Party was great ... I think. Can’t remember much but I think the Girls’ flat might have been trashed after we all ended up at theirs after the night out. I should really clean up my place since those three will definitely stay here until one of them gives in and cleans the mess up at theirs. One would think that they weren’t witches at all and they didn’t have cleaning spells.

Didn’t help that Ron, the Twins, and the Girls ... oops, if the girls read that they would rip me a new one. I mean Hermione, Katie and Padma. Anyway, the night before, we’d all started in the Leaky Cauldron. Chasers and Vodka drinks, definitely the precursor to a good night out. I think we ended up at some Muggle nightclub after Tom had taken all of our galleons. Had this bloody fantastic drink called a Zombie; luckily it tastes a damn sight better than the real things. Ron wouldn’t touch a Zombie though. He seemed to think it would taste like an actual zombie ... what I would like to know is how he knows what a zombie tastes like.

Maybe not.

Anyway, so the Twins were dancing with the Girls in the dance floor and I was on my third Zombie and fourth whisky chaser when some blonde girl with a pair of huge *coughfakecough* tits sidles up to the bar next to me. Now, not being arrogant at all, but I know I’m good looking and definitely a catch. After all, I’m the fucking-Boy-Who-Bloody-Lived and went on to kill the Fucking-Bastard-Who-Wouldn’t-Die. The claptrap papers all have me made out as some kind o handsome hero though ... surely I can blame the Prophecy for that as well?

So this girl ... I think her name was Carly, maybe? Anyway, she starts twirling her hair around her fingers and batting her eyes at me. Now the flirting I can cope with since I flirt with the Girls all the time, but the running? Ewwww! If I wanted to do that sort of thing, I would have been a hetero. But I don’t want to ponder on that too much. Now by the time Carly had set her hawk eyes on me, I had drunk quite a bit and things were a little fuzzy.

Apparently I wasn’t all to subtle about the brush-off because the next thing I remembered was her throwing her fucking drink all over me! It wouldn’t have been so bad but for the fact that she has been drinking something with cherry syrup! I fucking hate that crap and spent the rest of the night smelling of that shit!

Okay, not the whole night then. Just long enough to get into the Mens and cast a quick spell. Still, it was long enough!

Fred and George almost pissed themselves laughing when they found out about it and I did get a flurry of kisses from the Girls. Ron, on the other hand, was to busy snogging some leggy brunette in a corner. I don’t remember a bloody thing after that since I got another round of drinks for the Girls and myself. I’ve no fucking idea how the lot of us made it back to the Girls’ place and I can only imagine that someone pushed me through the Floo to get back to my flat.

I know I passed out at some point, much to my embarrassment. Woke up to Snuffles licking my face this morning. A Slobber bath is not my favourite way to wake up in the mornings and it definitely brought a new meaning to the phrase ‘doggy-breath’!

Just a thought though, how on earth did that Muggle playing Aragorn cope with horse-breath?


5pm. Haven’t moved from the flat.

I need more coffee but I’ve run out of my favourite. Crap. Have to go shopping. Wish I could have had Dobby popping in and sorting my food out. Would have been definitely less hassle. Of course, there is the small matter that I live in a Muggle neighbourhood; it definitely puts a cramper in my plans. Besides, I would probably end up in more trouble than I usually do.


Right, am back. Found some Instant shite, but it has caffeine in it so it will have to do for now. There isn’t any edible food in the flat either, but then I suppose that’s the bachelor lifestyle for you. Thankfully I’m off to the Burrow tonight.

Mrs Weasley always has great delicious food there. She’s hosting some sort of Post-New Years’ thing tonight. She wasn’t allowed to have Christmas or New Years’ at her home since it was all Ministry bashes and bureaucrats bullshit. Being the Saviour of the Wizarding World meant that I had to attend a fair few of those parties as well. Complete and utter waste of time if you ask me.

Mrs Weasley is apparently having everyone over at the Burrow tonight. All the Weasleys and their partners, some other people as well as Hermione and myself. I just know that she’s going to try and set me up with someone ... I just do. She’s still got that dream that I’ll end up with Ginny and we’ll fly off on my broomstick into the sunset. Two point four children, or even more if she could get her way.

It’s a total fantasy though. Ginny is more than happy with Dean. I wonder whom Mrs Weasley will try and set me up with this year then? I don’t have the heart to tell her that I’m gay ... scratch that! I’ve all but told her but she’s still managed to be oblivious about it all. Still, one of these days...

Ah. Floo call.

Bollocks! Was Sirius.

Called to say thank you for the present. What fucking present? Bastard just smirked at me before disappearing. What on earth did I do last night? I’m seriously considering wringing his neck ... no bloody pun intended either! Sirius is on duty tonight though so I won’t be able to get him drunk and tell me what he’s talking about. Best forget it I guess, I’m sure I’ll find out about it soon enough.


7.45pm. Bedroom


Draco, the brazen bastard, just walked into my bedroom while I was getting ready for tonight.

"Fuck. Drake!” I shouted as I looked for something to cover me up. Wanker just looked me up and down and he had the same kind of smirk that Sirius had on his face. “Don't you know that it's polite to knock before you enter a bedroom? I could have been having sex for all you know!"

"That's real funny Harry,” Draco snarked back. “You having sex? You haven‘t had a date for over six months! Anyway, what else was I meant to do? You weren't in the living room so I thought to check in here. Besides if I had knocked, I'd have missed out on that view!"

"Piss off Malfoy!"

Bloody poof. No regard for decency at all. Bastard just laughed at me. I had to threaten to hex him to get him out of my room. God I was blushing like a schoolgirl. How bloody embarrassing.

At least I was wearing my extra-nice boxers. The ones that Hermione bought me. Yes, I'm twenty-four and I still can't buy decent clothes! I blame the Dursleys ... wonder how they are. Might pop in and say hi. Wonder how that'll go down?

Anyway, am finally dressed. Better go before Draco finds out I’ve run out of coffee. We’re flooing over to the Burrow ... lets hope that there aren’t any single witches there. Wish me luck!

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